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Stories of Success From Our Clients

GCGM Case Study

Principal Designer & Owner of Tina Marie Interior Design


I was successfully working as a furniture store designer but wanted to set out and be my own boss. I was working with some good clients but wasn’t sure how to structure my jobs for profitability. I was also working a ton of hours, doing everything myself and wasn’t making the income that I knew I could and should be making.

Working with Design Biz Blueprint

GCGM was the big game changer for me!

In my first year of GCGM coaching with Terri, I tripled my income! In my second year GCGM I triple my income again. Now I am on track for another multiple 7 figure year!

Just having someone to answer my questions and tell me how I am supposed to do it made all the difference in the world. GCGM GOLD Mastermind provided the template for me to be totally fee based and substantially increase my design and purchasing fees.


In GCGM PLATINUM Mastermind, I continued to build my design business by investing in an extraordinary photographer and a well trained creative and administrative team to back me up. This resulted in attracting many high budget residential design build projects, hospitality opportunities and model homes for national and local home builders.

I highly recommend GCGM coaching to any designer ready to step out on their own and want the easy button for being successful and living the life they want.

Website: www.tinamarieinteriordesign.com


GCGM Case Study

Allison Havill Todd,
President/Director of Design at Allison Havill Todd Interiors


My design business was growing when the recession hit me pretty hard and clients stopped spending. While I was surviving the economic downturn, I knew I needed to rebuild the business for the new economy. I’m competitive by nature and knew that the easiest way to achieve my goal was with the help of Good Clients, Great Money coaching.

Working with Design Biz Blueprint

I joined GCGM GOLD Mastermind because I knew I’d achieve my goals with Terri and GCGM coaching helping me stay focused and find solutions to my challenges quickly.

I used the structure, accountability and support the GOLD program to stay on track and quickly moved into the GCGM PLATINUM group.


In the last 2 years, I’ve written and published Interiors For Living, a beautiful design book featuring my clients … and its opening even more new business doors for me!

Other changes include moving my studio to a prestigious high-end location, clarifying my branding and marketing, and re-building my staffing and back room systems.

And finally, one of my other priorities for coaching was stop working a minute more than a 40 hour week and instead pursue more of my passions.

I founded Designing Dreams , a 501 (c) 3 non-profit dedicated to providing beautiful interior spaces for those in physical, financial, or emotional crisis, and even trained for a Half IronMan this past summer

GCGM is perfect for the designer who knows what they want to do in life and want to support to get there as quickly as possible!

Website: www.ahtinteriors.com

GCGM Case Study

Bonnie J. Lewis, Allied ASID, Associate IIDA, CAPS,
Copper Star Interiors


After a successful marketing management career in the corporate world, I went back to school for an interior design degree. I loved interior design and knew it was time to make a change in my life. My professors were great and talked about all the different ways designers could be paid, but I was baffled as to which way would be most effective while making the most business sense.

Working with Design Biz Blueprint

Having had a previous career in business, I know how important systems are for running a successful business and wanted to know how to create the systems and standards needed to have my own interior design business.

So while I was still in design college, I’d listen to Terri’s free training webinars and decided to investigate the Design Biz Blueprint trainings and programs.

After graduating and acquiring an advanced, highly-specialized design skill set for senior living, I joined Good Clients Great Money GOLD Mastermind and began implementing Terri’s systems for signing up clients and running jobs.


I set a financial goal for my first year that seemed impossible at the time but turned out to be easy to reach, and by the end of the year I had doubled my income goal!

Moving into GCGM PREMIER has continued to help me grow my business as I focus my marketing on a very specific niche.

I’ve been published been published numerous times, won 7 ASID Chapter Design Awards, a NAHB national award for aging-in-place and universal design remodeling excellence, and moved into designing multi- family housing for my target market.

Oh, and I almost forget… I doubled my income goal, again!

GCGM Coaching is perfect for those who want the short cuts to success! Having Terri’s expertise, support, and experience on your side is like strapping a jetpack to your business on its way to the moon. The systems for having the design business of your dreams already exist – you just need to apply them to see the results for yourself!

Website: http://copperstarinteriors.com


GCGM Case Study

Ashley Pate, ASID, RID
Ashley Pate Interior Design, LLC


My business structure felt haphazard, and I was looking for a repeatable way to bring clients into my business and to be more profitable. I knew it was important to have systems in place for my business – from first phone call to getting payment, pricing products to scheduling out the job.

Working with Design Biz Blueprint

I joined Good Clients Great Money GOLD Mastermind after attending one of Terri’s live CEU events at the Robert Allen Showroom in Dallas, and investing in the Designing for Dollars Home Study training Program.

I quickly realized that charging hourly was contributing greatly to my business problems and once I started charging fees, I had so much more confidence for pricing and presenting it to a client.


GCGM helped me grow my self-assurance by showing me how to present a very clear picture of a design job – it’s made the processes easier for me and my clients are impressed with my presentations and systems too.

I now have a design business that’s more professional, and with my increased confidence in pricing … my fees have increased as well.

Investing in GCGM was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business and I plan to continue into GCGM PREMIER Mastermind to up level my clients and business even more!

Website: http://www.ashleypate.com/

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