5- Work Less – Get Paid More: Design Service Fees Made Easy


5- Work Less – Get Paid More: Design Service Fees Made Easy


This is for experienced designers who are ready for bigger jobs, more challenging scopes of work and/or longer-term projects. Work Less – Get Paid More is the complete step-by-step guide to figuring out exactly what your fees should be and how much time it will take you and your team to complete a complex design job. Included are easy to use templates that walk you through every kind of commercial and residential project imaginable – from a furniture job to a complete design/specify/build/furnish new construction job.

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Product Description

Project Time Estimating System

The Project Time Estimating System is your step-by-step tool for quickly calculating how much time it’ll take you to complete an interior design job, so you can confidently name a fee that leaves you with a profit!

Each downloadable template reminds you of the all the little tasks needed to develop a design job. You simply assign a time value to each of the more than 100 listed design tasks options in the Programming, Schematic, Design Development and Project Management categories that are likely and necessary to complete the job. As a bonus, you can customize these templates to add more tasks if needed … there’s also spaces to add your support staff time and their internal hourly rate.

You’ll also:

  • know exactly how to charge for ALL the design tasks needed to complete your next project
  • gain the confidence to name fees that cover your time and leave you with a profit
  • turn a client conversation into a design service offer
  • easily plot the hours it’ll take to complete the service since PTES calculates your fee for you
  • never again worry you forgot to include some necessary design tasks (and will end up working for pennies) because Project Time Estimating System makes sure you charged for EVERYTHING!

Project Time Estimating System includes the 9 CDs, Home Study Book, along with the worksheets and the real-world examples for using the Small, Medium, and Large Project Time Estimating System Templates.


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