High Point Highlights – Shopping, Hamsters, & More!

Did you go to High Point?

If you did, then you know what a great time it was this year!

terri-deedeeI had the pleasure of presenting Get a Budget – Get a Client CEU, sponsored by IDS and Rowe, this week. And I, of course, shopped the market for inspiration and to see what’s new. I also ran into many of my designer friends, including Dee Dee Bonds, at one of the many afternoon cocktail parties.

A common theme everyone talked about is how great it is to be busy again, yet trying to keep up with demanding clients feels a lot like being a hamster on a wheel.

Clients who expect instant replies to emails and text messages (even at 9:00pm on Saturday night) results from you trying to win a client’s trust in the beginning stages of the job. But as time and the job goes on … you may start to feel resentful about their unreasonable expectations and encroachment on your personal time.

The solution to this all too common problem is setting some boundaries around your business hours!

The easiest way to protect your time is to get another cell phone and make it just for your friends and family.

Next, you’ll add a new recording on your original cell (and now business number) that says something like …

“Hi, this is (your name/business). Our business hours are 9 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday. If you’ve reached this message during business hours, I’m currently helping another client and will call back you shorty. If you’re calling after hours, I’ll return your call on my next business day. Your call is important to me and I’ll be back to you soon.”

Polite, professional business boundaries are easy to establish and you’ll find that your clients react more respectfully while also allowing you “have a life”!

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