“Tools” for Interior Design Education

Forms and Facts for Setting Up Your Interior Design Business

The Complete Collection of Interior Design Forms and Explanations of How to Use Them

  • Have you ever had your profit shrink to nothing because a vendor’s bill turns out to be more than you thought it was when you sold it to the client?

  • Have you ever worked on a job that had way too many client meetings but never enough client decisions to complete the job?

  • Have you been financially hurt by paying out more deposit for merchandise than your client has deposited with you?

  • Does your Proposal for Sale of Merchandise protect you from law suites with an arbitration clause?

  • Have you ever assumed your clients order will deliver tomorrow only to find that the manufacturer hasn’t started building it yet?

All these things have happened to me in my 30 plus years in the interior design business, but they don’t have to happen to you.

One of the secrets to making a good profit on your interior design product sales is to have all the right forms for selling and ordering merchandise your fingertips and knowing how to quickly and easily use them.

I am sharing my extensive collection of Interior Design forms and templates that I have developed over the years so that you can copy them and use them in your own design business.

Included in the book are many completed “real design business” examples from my studio illustrating how to use the forms. All the phrases and details are there for you to include, protecting yourself financially and maximizing your potential profits.

My exclusive Design Biz Process chart is also included in this package. This exclusive template graphically shows you what pieces of your interior design you should be presenting at your Schematic and Design Development meetings and how to coordinate your design time billings to those meetings. Following the Progressive Design Process Plan will help you to keep your jobs moving forward, get timely client agreement and get you paid on time.


Facts and Forms for Interior Design Business will show you how to:

  • Create proposals that sell product and clearly define purchasing terms and conditions with your client

  • Learn to write Purchase Orders that protect your potential profit

  • Set terms and due dates for design fees, so that you know when your money is coming in.

  • Know how to write a merchandise proposal that gets you paid even if the property isn’t ready for installation

  • Understand how to write a complex Purchase Order that accurately coordinates COM fabrics and trims to furniture

  • Eliminate wasted time and lost documents by learning how to set up your office with an efficient financial paper flow system

  • Manage client expectations and set yourself up as the expert right from the beginning

  • Track your design time daily with a simple one-page system that you keep on your desk

  • Keep your design jobs and your cash flow on track with the easy to follow Design Biz Process chart

Facts and Forms can help any Interior Designer be more efficient and more profitable. Here is what you get:

The Facts and Forms Work Book, 110 pages of forms and completed examples that include:

  • Purchase Orders

  • Work Order

  • Proposals

  • Backside of Proposals with terms of Purchase

  • Time Tracking Worksheet

  • New Client Intake Form

  • Client Expectation Sheet

  • Paper Flow System Blueprint

  • The exclusive Design Biz Process chart

Facts and Forms can help any Interior Designer be more efficient and more profitable. Here is what you get:

The CD containing the Proposal for Merchandise Sale, and the Purchase Order form for our desktop that will automatically calculate totals. Just fill in and print or Email right from your computer.

The 2 CD set of Terri explaining in detail all the things that you need to know about the forms you need to run your design business.

The bound transcription book contains a detailed written explanation of how to use the forms and standard phrases to create accurate and profitable selling and purchasing documents for your business.

The laminated 8.5 x 11 color Design Biz Process chart to hang on the wall in your office so that you can easily keep your Design jobs on track.
Forms and Facts for Setting Up Your Interior Design Business

You will receive the Forms and Facts for Setting Up Your Interior Design Business, instruction book download-able template for your computer, the instruction CD, and valuable quarterly Q & A calls FREE with Terri and like-minded designers.





Design Biz Tool Box

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This is a comprehensive collection of all the tools you need to run a successful interior design business. “Soup to Nuts!” Buy all the Design Biz Tools that you need to successfully operate your interior design business at a great combination price and see your business grow immediately!

  • Project Time Estimating System

  • Professional Designer’s Letter of Agreement

  • Purchasing Product and Selling it for a Profit


*Shipping is $22.00 in US, $30 Canada and $55.00 Outside US

My Personal Guarantee

I have invested a lot of my valuable time and energy to bring you this information that I have used for years, successfully in my business. I am so confident that my interior design business products will improve the quality of your business that I want to ease any concern you might have with my personal guarantee.

If for some reason, my Forms and Facts System does not meet your expectations or the strategies don’t produce the results you are looking for, return the product to me within one full year of purchase. I will personally, out of my own pocket, refund your purchase in full, with my best wishes.

Now is a perfect time to stop bumping up against your time and money issues and change the your current strategy into a new time conscious, money producing way of running your design business.

Beauty and Success,


Terri Taylor, ASID

Founder and Creative Director, Design Biz Blueprint