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The Good Clients, Great Money Mastermind is for the heart-centered design entrepreneur looking for the perfect combination of business strategy, accountability, and peer support all on a foundation of personal growth, and living the life that you love.

From priceless gems of insight, to design specific business knowledge, from structured masterminds, to personal one-on-one coaching, it’s about sharing your gifts, thinking big, and making the unique difference you were put here to make while being paid what you deserve.

Welcome to the Good Clients, Great Money Mastermind

Our programs are specifically designed to move you and your business to a whole new level of creativity and abundance.

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The Gold Tier

Do you want add higher paying clients and increase your income?

Whether you have an existing business that needs to be redesigned for today’s market, or a design practice that is in startup mode – you can start today in the GOLD Mastermind tier.

Transform your design business from the traditional “hours for dollars” model into a business that generates a stream of fee-based income by using the proven sales and marketing systems developed by Terri Taylor, ASID, IDS.

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The Premier Tier Mastermind

The PREMIER Mastermind tier is by invitation only, for designers earning $150,000 annually in their current design business, and want to avoid feeling overwhelmed and take true control of both their time and life.

PREMIER members have clients flowing into their business and need to implement systems to streamline their process and increase income by creating a motivated and trained support system.

You’ll quickly up level your client base through clear marketing and celebrity building strategies to create a path to greater success in PREMIER.

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The Platinum Tier Mastermind

For top achievers, we offer the PLATINUM Mastermind tier.

PLATINUM accelerates your already successful design business with larger jobs, important referral relationships, and publishing opportunities for bigger contracts and higher-end clients.

This exclusive group receives the ultimate in personalized attention from Terri with one-on-one coaching and strategic business planning retreats.

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Our Programs at a Glance

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Program Details

Gold Mastermind:

Turn your dream and vision into reality

The GOLD tier of the Good Clients Great Money Mastermind is ideal for the solo designer ready to create a business that supports their creativity, financial goals, and a lifestyle that frees up evenings, weekends, and family time.

The GOLD Tier  leads you through the proven step-by-step process for building a solid six-figure design business using Terri Taylor’s proven marketing and sales systems.

The GOLD curriculum is delivered both through live meetings and phone coaching, featuring Terri’s detailed step-by-step training, along with regular opportunities to ask important “how to” questions and get specific and actionable advice for signing up new clients, making offers, and so much more.

Gold Mastermind Features

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Premier Mastermind:

Take your business to the next level

Take your business to the next level. Build more profit in your jobs and more freedom in your life.

The PREMIER tier is by invitation only and is for a designer who has created at least $150,000 in design business last year.

PREMIER mastermind focuses on proven sales and marketing strategies developed by Terri Taylor, ASID, IDS and on building back room systems and efficient support teams to produce higher income and more personal freedom.

The PREMIER tier includes live meetings and phone coaching, featuring Terri’s detailed step-by-step training, along with regular opportunities for all members to ask their questions and receive specific advice.

Premier Mastermind Features

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Platinum Mastermind:

Your design biz dream + my vision, knowledge and experience equals a detailed, customized plan of action

PLATINUM Mastermind is designed for the elite designer ready to move forward at a highly accelerated pace. This unrivaled program is not for the faint of heart, nor for the designer who has not yet mastered the business basics, or created at least $350,000 in gross design business.

PLATINUM members are in the prestigious position of being the only clientele of the Good Clients Great Money Mastermind who receive tailored one-on-one, private ongoing coaching with Terri – who packages your expertise into a high income design business model that serves your mission, goals, and lifestyle.

Your business becomes Terri’s business.

Terri becomes a member of your team and commits herself to helping you achieve your ultimate success. She takes your dreams and adds her experience to create highly-focused action plans to support your business every step of the way.

Working with Terri at the PLATINUM level is your opportunity for achieving the greatest rewards possible and taking the huge leap in business that you can’t even imagine right now.

Platinum Mastermind Features

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