5 Tips for Getting Great Photography

20150923-blog-photoHaving great photography of your work is an important element to your success as a designer!

Although you know good design has more depth than just the visual effect, your potential clients think of what you do as creating spaces that look great. Thus, they expect to see photographs that look great. You also need good photography to show on your website, Houzz account, and design award competition applications for signing up new ideal clients.

First, set a personal goal to have 70% of your work professionally photographed.

Yes, I know that sets off all sorts of internal fears. Here is the truth – you have to push through that fear in order to get to the other side of success. Banish the “not good enough, the clients didn’t let me finish it, the client’s personal stuff ruined it, and I can’t afford it” talk.

Next, hire the best professional architectural photographer you can afford – they’re absolutely worth it!

Warning: don’t try to take photos yourself. Amateurish photos stand out like a sore thumb and this isn’t the message you want to send to your potential clients.

Now, you’ll want to remember that spaces look totally different through the lens of a camera. So before your shoot, look through your own camera at your space and find the best shots. Look for composition and areas that are evocative of the feel of the room. This includes styling your shot to get quality photos. Figure out what you need to move, add (purchase) or subtract to get that WOW shot before your photographer arrives.

Finally, you want to multipurpose your photographs to get the most out of your investment.

Submit your photos to magazine editors for publishing and use them for design awards competitions. Then post to your website, use for social media posts and of course to your Houzz account so that your high paying clients can find you!

Good photography is an element of your overall marketing plan. To really make the most of your investment, you want your photos to align with the rest of your marketing efforts.

Not sure how to do that or want to know more?

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