D4D-2015Attention: Interior Designers & Decorators

“Turn Your First Appointment with a Client Into a Highly Profitable Design Job in the First 15 Minutes Or Less …”


You’re About To Discover My Simple And Easy Strategies for Getting Your Potential Clients To Agree On A Project Budget In The Very First Meeting - Even If They Don’t Know What There is, So You’ll Know Immediately If You Have an Ideal Client & How Much They Can Pay You…


What does a potential client usually say when you ask them how much they want to spend on their interior design project?
Do these responses sound familiar?

  1. I don’t know Get-Paid-2x

  2. I don’t know (version B – they actually have a number in mind but will not tell you because they think it might be done for less and if you knew you would spend it all.)

  3. I don’t have a budget, if I like it I will buy it… (This is also not the truth. This is a person who is doing well financially but not educated in how truly expensive furniture, rugs, art etc. can actually be.)

  4. I am going to spend $5,000.00. (This budget to furnish the living room, dining room and foyer is completely unrealistic. This is also an uneducated client that needs your help.)

  5. I have set aside $50,000.00 for my living room, dining room and foyer. (Now this is a realistic and educated number that you could work with right away!)

Unfortunately scenario #5 happens on only about 3% of new client leads. So what can you do for the other 97%?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could…

  • Find out in a matter of minutes if your new lead is actually a real design client and job or if we’re talking Pottery Barn or Holly Hunt.

  • Design and sell bigger jobs because you’re bundling all the pieces together and designing the entire job at once

  • Make a serious impact on your family’s income… get out of debt, save for college or retirement, or fund a memorable vacation

  • Instantly know how much to charge on your Letter of Agreement for your design time and sign up the client at the first meeting

  • Set yourself up as the expert designer with all the knowledge and answers

  • Qualify your clients on the 1st phone call! ( I’m sharing my new client template)

  • Create a highly valuable and professional new-client “give-away” budget on the fly and stop giving your design ideas away for free

  • Immediately discover the potential client’s “spending ceiling”

  • Make your design offer at 3 levels so you sign up that client no matter what

  • Save hours of time by using my Letter of Agreement template (I am sharing the one that I use) for your new clients

  • Stop selling a room design piece-by-piece and start making twice as much money by selling the whole project at once

Why Would You want to talk about money with a client?

  • To instantly relieve client fears about the cost of hiring you, so they say “yes” to your fee at the first meeting.

  • To build a relationship of trust and comfort with new clients when you first meet.

  • To sign up only qualified clients and change your whole design business for the better

  • To know the client budget and if you’re designing a Volkswagen or a Mercedes right from the start

  • To discover more about the client’s preferences and taste in your programming phase, so your presentation is “right on the mark”

  • To show the client you’re a professional and different from “the decorettes”

  • To be a responsible and educated designer… you cannot design a space without a budget

What happens when you don’t have a budget to work from?

You waste your time creating and pricing a great design only to find out that it’s way too expensive and the client is unhappy. Then you redesign the space (with unpaid time) with something less expensive. You lose twice.

The client never completes the design or stops the job because they have reached their spending limit. They start cutting you out of the job, making decisions without you, buying things that don’t work to save money. The client isn’t happy, you are not happy and you don’t have anything to photograph.

You give away your profit trying to please the client because they’re complaining about how much everything costs.

Never getting your design business off the ground!

Consistently working with clients who can’t make a decision, have trouble spending any money and abuse your time

You’re not taken seriously by family members, friends, and clients

What happens when you and a client agree upon a budget?

You know what to design and how much you can spend right from the start.

The product sales are assured because you’ve already agreed upon what to spend… all you have to do is design to the agreed upon budget… it’s that easy!

You know how much your design fee should be.

Easily sign up clients with a fee because everyone has agreed upon the costs… there are no surprises.

Your business grows, you make a profit and you have happy clients.

because you know what your profit should be right from the start.

Save hours of your time by presenting the whole job at once instead of piece by piece!

Install the whole job and create a fabulous reveal while avoiding clients that pick apart individual pieces because they can’t see the big, finished picture.

Have happy clients AND get paid twice as much!


2015 Designing For Dollars – Live
Sheraton Four Seasons, Greensboro, NC

April 15 – 17, 2015

(Market Starts on April 18)

How to Get Paid Twice as Much:
Secrets to Getting a Budget, Confidently Setting Your Design Fee
and Signing Up Your Ideal Client!


If you’re ready to learn how to successfully talk “money”
with your potential client and turn them into a paying customer…


Join Terri Taylor ASID, IDS, During this LIVE 3-day group training
and coaching event just before High Point Market


  • Why designers have trouble talking about money and what to do about it

  • The questions to ask so you qualify your clients on the first call

  • The value of giving your potential client a “free gift” and what that gift should be

  • How to softly sell by clarifying requests and getting “yes” answers

  • How to create a “Budget on the Fly” with your potential ideal client on the very first meeting

  • How to be the expert in pricing, hint: cheat sheets are involved!

  • How to walk your potential client through the “budget on the fly” process

  • Why you want to find your clients budget ceiling

  • The strategy for determining your design fee from the budget

  • How to ask for and get the job with the budget right now

  • Strategies for keeping your profit while designing a great space

  • Three ways to determine your correct design fee

  • Template for creating offers for design services at 3 levels

  • Quick and easy Letters of Agreement that win jobs

You’ll even have a chance for some spot light coaching when I’ll take questions, provide more in depth explanation and answers, and help strategize client situations and opportunities.

This is your chance to connect.

How to Get Paid Twice as Much:

Secrets to Getting a Budget, Confidently Setting Your Design Fee
and Signing Up Your Ideal Client!

$597.00 Special Price



Bonus #1 All the Forms, Checklists and Templates (Valued at $2,100!)



  • “Budget on the fly” template
  • First phone call checklist
  • First Phone Call template
  • Client agreement worksheet
  • Determine your fee template
  • Sign up your client agreement template
  • Furnishings “cheat sheets”
  • Finishes and fixtures “cheat sheet”

These are all in word.doc format so you can easily use and re-use them.

20150210-bring-friendBonus #2: Bring a Friend

Bring a friend, assistant, business partner or spouse to 2015 Designing For Dollars – Live for only $100 more!

Top Reasons to Bring a Friend:

  • Save Money! Splitting the investment of your 2015 Designing For Dollars – Live tickets and the cost of your room at the Sheraton with a friend becomes super affordable!
  • Building Your Inner Circle! Building a successful business takes massive support and the more people who understand your goals and where you’re going in business, the quicker you will accelerate your entrepreneurial success!
  • Buddy Coaching! Help keep you, and your friends, accountable to the goals and actions you create.

Bonus #3: Pre-Training Webinar (value $697)

Did you know that you only retain 20% of a new idea the first time you hear about it?

Speed up your results and arrive in North Carolina ready to work on your real-life situations by getting the pre-work completed during the Designing For Dollars Webinar Training.

I’ll share in depth insights and answer real-world questions to help you start closing 6-figure design jobs this year!

Can’t make the live call? No problem – you’ll have access to the recorded calls, handouts and PowerPoints!

20150210-lunchBonus #4: Let’s Have Lunch!

Join me and the other “movers and shakers” of the design community for daily networking lunches for only $197 (for all three days)!

One of the best and easiest ways to up-level your business is to hang out with people who are already at the place that you want to be.

Stay connected and keep your business conversations going by choosing to have a delicious VIP lunch!

I’ve planned a beautiful, healthy lunch each day to be served and no worries if you have special dietary needs, just let us know and we’ll accommodate.


The “Get Paid Twice As Much” Guarantee

I’m so sure this training and coaching program will make a huge difference in your design business and that signing up clients becomes the easiest part of the job, that if I don’t think that this is the best thing that you could have ever done with your time and money at the end of the first day, turn in your book at the back of the room and we’ll refund your ticket cost within 2 weeks…no worries!


Event At A Glance:

Dates: April 15 – 17, 2015

Participants: Limited to 100 Designers

Location: Greensboro, NC

Hotel: Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons, our negotiated room rate $210
(this room block is good until March 15th so book your room fast)
Call for your room reservation: 1-800-242-6556
Please say that you are attending Designing for Dollars
The room block is available until March 14, 2015


Nearby Airports:

Greensboro, NC (GSO) Piedmont Triad International Airport

Richlands, NC (OAJ / KOAJ) Albert J. Ellis Airport (60 miles)

Greenville, NC (PGV / KPGV) Pitt-Greenville Airport (61 miles)

New Bern, NC (EWN / KEWN) Coastal Carolina Regional Airport (64 miles)

Raleigh, NC (RDU / KRDU) Raleigh-Durham International Airport (68 miles)


Schedule At A Glance:

Arrival: Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 6:30 pm – Good Clients Great Money Mastermind Private Workshop

Cocktail reception: Join me, Terri, on Wednesday evening for a relaxed social evening of networking with other designers from around the country while having a drink on me

2015 Designing for Dollars By Days:

4/15 – 9:00AM to 5:30PM General Session

4/15 – 5:30PM to 7:00PM Cocktail Reception

4/16 – 9:00AM to 5:00PM General Session

4/17 – 9:00AM to 4:00PM General Session

Departure: April 17th after 4 pm OR stay for High Point Spring Market

Questions? Call our Client Satisfaction Expert at 520-298-1837 ext. 306



Reserve Your Space Now

Special Price $597.00



“Thanks Terri for a great few days. I’m already working away on some of my “light bulb” moments and turning them into action items.”

Kelly Tivey, ASID



“Thank you for your informative event. It was filled with valuable information which has inspired me to take action. I enjoyed meeting interior design colleagues and sharing information. I’ve implemented your design knowledge from previous sessions and you’re valuable advice has improved my business…Thank you for the time and effort you spend in educating us!”
Diane Swenson, ASID, NKBA


“…Your warmth, preparation and professionalism really showed. Thank you for sharing with us. I had so much fun catching up with my ‘yearly best friends’ too!

Theresa Seabaugh, Allied ASID


If you have questions about How to Get Paid Twice as Much: Secrets to Getting a Budget, Confidently Setting Your Design Fee and Signing Up Your Ideal Client!, please call Diane, our Client Satisfaction Expert at our office 520- 298-1837 (ext. 306) or email at Diane@designbizblueprint.com.

She’s happy to answer any questions and give you the help you need!

Beauty and Success,


PS: Your whole business and financial life will change dramatically for the better with the strategies and techniques you’re about to discover in this special training program just for designers.

Let me give you the short cuts I developed and learned through the school of hard knocks over the last 30+ years, so you don’t have to try to figure this all out on your own.



PPS: Remember, with the “Get Paid Twice As Much” Guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. I urge you to give this a try for your own sake!